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Farewell to the Field of Innocence Jack Estes
Category: The World Yesterday Published: May 2016
"Jimmy…has hit a booby trap and quickly brought me to my first glimpse of what heroes look like. It was like someone has pounded and hammered on hisfoot, crushing the bone, splintering it, tearing the flesh and ripping it from his leg."
Horror Only a Soldier Can Know Jack Estes
Category: Literary Scene Published: September 2016
"You'll be on the line someday, crossing an empty chunk of desert, assaulting a bombed-out village, and your best buddy will get shot in the throat. You won't have time to stop and cry. You'll be firing back, thanking God it isn't your butt laying there…"
Memorial Day Memories Jack Estes
Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2015
"A scrap of paper, a few names, a soldier's vision… At the cemetery, Boy Scouts will have placed flags on each resting place. The National Guard will fire two cannons three times, and a small band will play … ."