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A Stroke of Luck? Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Debra A. Kegley
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2021
"The horrific things that happen after a stroke strikes can empower individuals to find their true character. . . . Think about the meaning of your existence in ways that were unlikely when you drifted complacently through life."
A Sucker Born Every Minute Charles W. Kegley Jr.
Category: Religious Grounds Published: November 2020
At Arlington National Cemetery, Donald Trump exclaimed, "What was in it for them?" He could not conceive of Americans sacrificing their lives so others could live. They were "losers" and "suckers."
Competing Visions of the Global Future Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Gregory A. Raymond
Category: Worldview Published: November 2021
". . . Thinking about different configurations of power can help frame sharper questions about national purposes and priorities. . . . "
Preemptive War: A Prelude to Global Peril? Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Gregory A. Raymond
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2003
"Flexing military muscles without an international mandate and without convincing justification can prostitute traditional and honorable American principles, erod the U.S.'s reputation, and undermine its capacity to lead."
The Precarious State of World Order Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Gregory A. Raymond
Category: Worldview Published: September 2020
At the same time the rapid and relentless spread of COVID-19 demonstrates that international collaboration is essential for fending off the virus, the economic carnage caused by the virus may erode support for maintaining the liberal int'l economic order.