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Charting a Course Toward Better Education Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg , Jennifer A. Marshall
Category: Education Published: March 2007
"Policymakers from across the political spectrum should recognize the limits of formulating education policy at the Federal level and steer a course toward restoring local controls by enacting a charter state option."
Foster Care Is Failing Dan Lips
Category: Life in America Published: November 2007
"Adults who formerly were in foster care are more likely to be homeless, unprepared for employment, limited to low-skill jobs, dependent on welfare or Medicaid, and convicted of crimes and incarcerated, as well as to succomb to drug and alcohol abuse."
Giving NCLB an A-PLUS Boost Dan Lips
Category: Education Published: January 2008
The Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act would promote greater local control in education while maintaining accountability through state-level testing and information reporting to parents to ensure transparency.
Homeschooling: The Sleeping Giant of American Education Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg
Category: Education Published: September 2009
". . . If the nation's approximately 3,000,000 homeschooled students chose to enroll in U.S. public schools for the 2009-10 academic year, states and communities would need to allocate significant funding to accommodate all of them."
School Choice: A Progress Report Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg
Category: Education Published: January 2007
"This year, an estimated 150,000 students will participate in publicly funded tuition scholarship programs across the U.S. In all, over 1,000,000 students are attending more than 3,600 charter schools."
The "Economic Stimulus" Will (Further) Ruin Education--and the Economy Dan Lips
Category: Education Published: May 2009
"Instead of a massive Federal spending increase, Congress should have embraced fiscally responsible solutions to help states meet financial challenges and improve educational services."