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"A Nation at Risk" Spurs Two Decades of Failure
News View Category: Education Reform Published: August 2003
"Scripting" a Writing Revival Carew Papritz
Category: Education Published: September 2017
"Cursive handwriting is the creative canary in the coal mine--and it slowly is dying."
"Trading Spaces" Spurs College Enrollment
News View Category: Education Published: December 2003
A Guide to the Invisible Universe Scott M. Tyson
Category: Education Published: January 2012
All best about everything are off. . . . Everything you have learned regarding our understanding of the universe is wrong.
A Head Start to Nowhere Krista Kafer
Category: Education Published: July 2004
Four decades and $66,000,000,000 after Head Start was launched, "the school readiness gap between poor children and their middle class peers remains large. Perhaps no government program can compensate for what a hard life takes away."
A Moral Educaiton from C.S. Lewis Gilbert Meilaender
Category: Education Published: January 2014
"For those who stand within the Tao, how we live counts for more than how long."
A New Path to College Brian Backstrom , Laura Schultz
Category: Education Published: May 2022
". . . . There are a number of unanswered and important questions about test-optional policies."
A Quest for the "Right Kind" of Education A.C. Grayling
Category: Education Published: May 2016
"…Understanding is the step beyond knowledge, and is the final and highest target of the educational empire."
Abolish the Department of Education Charles Murray
Category: Education Published: May 2012
The Federal government's track record in education: no improvement shown by students at a cost of billions and billions of dollars.
Adding to the Curriculum Amy Mintz , Jenny Pan
Category: Education Published: November 2021
" . . . Asian Pacific American history has been poorly represented or excluded from our K-12 education system . . . and it's time for that to change. . . . "
American History's Top 10 Allen Guelzo
Category: Education Published: November 2020
"[The] discoveries of who we are arise from undertstanding who we have been. . . . To lose our history is to lose ourselves."
An Epic Struggle for Equal Opportunity Alan Jay Rom , Laura Kaplan
Category: Education Published: January 2005
In what could be a watershed case for the rest of the country, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court may force the Commonwealth to ante up millions of dollars to ensure that poor school districts receive equitable funding.
Are Islamist Schools a Threat to U.S.?
News View Category: Education Published: December 2004
Beware the Red Zone Steve Kardian
Category: Education Published: September 2017
This is the period between September and Thanksgiving recess, when freshmen females are at the most-vulnerable time in their lives . . . for sexual assault. For returning sophomores, it is the second most-vulnerable time in their lives.
Blending Kids into Hybrid Learning Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Education Published: November 2020
Hybrid learning certainly presents significant demands on parents, guardians, and caregivers, but it also presents a number of creative opportunities for children--with the adults in their lives--to learn new things and develop new skills.
Bowing to a Different Culture Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: March 2021
'Culture of teaching' means that there is a collection of expectations, norms, and values about what teachers do that is shared by educational authorities, school administrators, parents and other community members, teachers themselves--and even the kids.
Brown vs. Board of Education: Celebrating a Half-Century of Hope Rev. Otis Moss Jr.
Category: Education Published: November 2004
"The decision made apartheid, segregation, Jim Crowism, and racism in public education illegal," and, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "was a joyous daybreak after a long and desolate midnight." by Rev. Otis Moss, Jr.
Changing the Conversation from Racism and Police Violence to Hope and Opportunity Mark Culliton
Category: Education Published: November 2015
"Unlike most programs, [ours] is not looking for highyl motivated students in need of rescue. We seek those students most programs leave behind, those least likely to succeed."
Charting a Course Toward Better Education Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg , Jennifer A. Marshall
Category: Education Published: March 2007
"Policymakers from across the political spectrum should recognize the limits of formulating education policy at the Federal level and steer a course toward restoring local controls by enacting a charter state option."
Closing Schools' Racial Achievement Gap
News View Category: Education Published: April 2018
Closing the Rich-Poor Achievement Gap
News View Category: Education Published: December 2018
College Graduates Who Get the Best Jobs
News View Category: Education Published: April 2019
College Isn't for Everyone W.J. Reeves
Category: Education Published: May 2003
". . . Going to college is an utter waste of time for those students who have emerged from high school neither literate nor numerate, with cultural focuses revolving around hip-hop and body piercing and with zero interest in changing their behavior."
Colleges Face Double Jeopardy John Haddad
Category: Education Published: May 2020
". . . For a large number of colleges, the timing for the coronavirus could not be worse, because many schools--before we even knew what COVID-19 was--already were teetering on the brink as they tried to recover from an earlier financial crisis."
Computing the New College Experience Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Education Published: May 2020
"Just as students and faculty have developed strategies to learn and teach in traditional in-person settings, they will be able to adapt those strategies to online courses through trial, error, and open communication."
Computing What Makes a Math Person
News View Category: Education Published: April 2016
D.C. Choice: Another Elective Course in School Reform Rod Paige
Category: Education Published: May 2004
Opportunity scholarships "can be the road to quality education and all that it means--personal growth, economic success, and a greater range of employment alternatives. Education is freedom."
Dance that Adapts to Disabilities Jill Anderson , Iman Rastegari
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"In special education, there is stil a tendecny to define students and their needs using only their label, and that really oversimplifies who they are, how they learn, and what is necessary for them to succeed."
Dating as If It Were Driver's Ed Lisa Jander
Category: Education Published: January 2015
"Buckle up, parents. It is the law of attraction. Safe teen dating does not happen by accident."
Diplomas Count 2016: Remaking High Schools
News View Category: Education Published: August 2016
Diversity in the Academy: In All but Ideas Richard E. Vatz
Category: Education Published: September 2011
"College and university administrators and faculty throughout the U.S. cannot reconcile their support for diversity with their discriminatory policies against conservatives, and there is no source motivating them to do so."
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Still Lacking
News View Category: Education Published: December 2017
Education Interventions: Possibilities for Improvement? Steven Riczo
Category: Education Published: January 2004
"It certainly would be legitimate for taxpayers--who foot the bill for the 90% of students who attend pubilc schools--to ask why, after three decades of reform, there is no measurable progress."
Electronic Teaching Spurs Skepticism
News View Category: Education Published: August 2003
Feedback Can Hinder Kids' Math Outcomes
News View Category: Education Published: December 2015
Fifth-Graders, Collegians Equal in Accounting
News View Category: Education Published: April 2004
Four-Day School Week Slows Learning
News View Category: Education Published: August 2021
Fuel for the Future Samuel L. Dunn
Category: Education Published: January 2001
"With estimates that the typical citizen will need the equivalent of 30 semester credits of course work each 10 years to keep up with the changes that are coming to society, entrepreneurs see opportunities for huge profits."
Funding School Choice Programs David F. Salisbury
Category: Education Published: November 2003
". . . Vouchers or tax credits . . . Not only will give children access to better education, [they] will unleash the power of constructive competition that will lead to dramatically improved outcomes in the future."
Get Your Teen Ready for the New SAT Pamela Donnelly
Category: Education Published: January 2015
"This test [is] touted by the College Board as more focused and practical compared to the SAT exams students have faced since 2005. . . ."
Getting the Best Teachers barbara Biasi
Category: Education Published: January 2019
"Understanding teacher supply and demand is key for the design of a number of education policies, including school finance equalization, school accountability, teacher training, and, most importantly, teacher selection."
Giving Kids a Fighting Chance Paul Stanley
Category: Education Published: September 2003
By educating children on ways in which to escape abduction, we teach them how to be their own rescuers.
Giving NCLB an A-PLUS Boost Dan Lips
Category: Education Published: January 2008
The Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act would promote greater local control in education while maintaining accountability through state-level testing and information reporting to parents to ensure transparency.
Good Grades Aren't Everything in Sex Ed
Your Health Category: Health Education Published: October 2019
Good Writing Skills Bolster SAT Success
News View Category: Education Published: December 2005
Handmaidens of Unhappiness: Stress and Pressure Colleen O'Grady
Category: Education Published: May 2016
"Being threatened, yelled at, or shamed is not inspiring. Beign praised for what has been accomplished provides the encouragement [for teenagers] to keep trying."
Head Start or False Start? David J. Armor
Category: Education Published: September 2015
"…Existing research on preschool programs does not paint a uniformly positive picture…Indeed, the most rigorous studies of contemporary preschool programs, show no lasting gains for oreschool studeents after they enter regular grades."
Helping School Counselors Cope with Violence Charlene M. Alexander
Category: Education Published: January 2002
"[Their role] in responding to a crisis varies from school to school. What is important, however, is that the safety of all students is ensured and that a plan is in place which reflects the unique characteristics of that school."
Here's an Idea. . . David Michael Slater
Category: Education Published: September 2018
"While it is true that both the best and worst teachers seek maximum autonomy, it is incumbent upon their supervisors to know the difference between them."
Higher Education and Market Forces Stanley O. Ikenberry
Category: Education Published: March 2001
The explosion of knowledge that created the new conceptual era is blurring, redefining & transforming the boundaries of knowledge faster than ever. We dare not abrogate to the market fundamental decisions that define the very essence of the university.
Homeschooling: The Sleeping Giant of American Education Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg
Category: Education Published: September 2009
". . . If the nation's approximately 3,000,000 homeschooled students chose to enroll in U.S. public schools for the 2009-10 academic year, states and communities would need to allocate significant funding to accommodate all of them."
How Immigration Reform Could Help Alleviate Teacher Shortages Kirk A. Johnson
Category: Education Published: September 2006
". . . Math and science instructors should have backgrounds and degress in these subjects. Recruiting quality, English speaking teachers from abroad is one way to achieve this goal."
How Schools Are Failing Workers--and Ways They Can fix It Sheena Karami
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"…The skills gap--which involves both 'hard skills' and 'soft skills'--is a call to action for all of us."
How to Build a Better Teacher Robert Holland
Category: Education Published: September 2001
"Instead of screening candidates according to courses taken and degree earned, school administrators should free principals to hire the most-intellectually promising people. . . ."
How to Get Over It Svetlana Kogan
Category: Education Published: July 2017
"…The consequent chronic stress affecting the quality of [the disenchanted voter's] life..has been unprecedented, even now, eight months following the election."
How to Guarantee You Won't Live in Your Parents' Basement Lindy Schneider
Category: Education Published: July 2018
College graduates are considered underqualified for jobs in their field because they have no experience. They are overqualified for jobs that do not require a degree. Colleges advise them to pursue a master's degree, which will bury them further in debt.
How to Make Your College Education a "Bargain" Stephanie Crowley
Category: Education Published: July 2019
"Just remember that these four years go by even faster than high school, and they will be the most expensive and important years to build your future -- use them all to your advantage."
Is 10th-Grade Graduation the Answer to the Dropout Crisis? Blair E. Lybbert
Category: Education Published: July 2015
"A fundamental redesign of secondary education that will maintain the benefits of the school improvement movement, while accommodating the needs of all students, is warranted."
Is a VR Field Trip Better than the Real Thing?
News View Category: Education Published: August 2019
Is Shakespeare Making Our Kids Illiterate? Donald Liebell
Category: Education Published: January 2019
"Perhaps there was a time that the literary art of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dickens, and other notables served our children well. However,…their ships have long sailed. It is time for these dinosaurs finally to become extinct…"
Is There a Cure for the Collapse of the U.S. Education System? Andrew Bernstein
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"The invention of the scientific curriculum expert represented an extraordinary shift in power away from teachers, parents, and local communities…"
It's Critical Linda Elder
Category: Education Published: January 2017
"Some 2,400 years ago, Socrates argued for the advancement of human rationality through newly developing conceptual tools. The people and the intellectual world did not...see the need for it on any broad scale. The same is true today."
Junk Science and Junk Education Go Hand in Hand Lee Ann Fisher Baron
Category: Education Published: May 2001
Unfounded scientific claims and theories can be traced to declining standards in science education.
Learning Anew Jill Anderson
Category: Education Published: May 2020
How what we know about summer learning loss can guide educators, districts, and parents during current school closures.
Learning Is Forever Robert R. Neuman
Category: Education Published: March 2016
"Even if your child intends to seek employment before going to college, remind him or her that any job is just like school. The characteristics of a good student also make a good employee."
Learning to Learn Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: September 2021
". . . A culture of learning is . . . about what [children] expect of others, and themselves, within any situation in which they have an opportunity to learn knowledge or skills. That includes learning in school."
Meeting the Need for Student Career Development John Petrik
Category: Education Published: July 2002
"Initiating new programs or tying into existing ones with area colleges and universities are excellent ways to help youths seriously consider the different directions their careers might take and the pros and cons of each choice."
Mixing In-Person and Distance Learning
News View Category: Education Published: December 2019
Nation's Schools Grade Out at B-Minus
News View Category: Education Published: April 2021
National Assessment Provides Thumbs Down
News View Category: Education Published: August 2015
NCLB and the Lessons of Columbine Margaret McKenna , David Haselkorn
Category: Education Published: May 2005
"The development of a free, informed, productive, and engaged future citizenry depends on our ability to develop healthy children first. It is time to broaden the No Child Left Behind Act's narrow school reform lens."
No Attention Reset from Active Learning
News View Category: Education Published: August 2020
No More Singing the "Varsity" Blues Stephanie Crowley
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"Interviews are the one sure way to see and hear the 'raw' [college] applicant. No parent can pay to alter a personal interview--at least not yet."
Now That Sounds Positive David Miller
Category: Education Published: September 2017
"What students are telling us through their disruptive behavior is that they need extra help instruction, and better relationships in their school."
Online Charter Schools not Making the Grade
News View Category: Education Choice Published: August 2017
Pell Grants vs. Advanced Placement Kirk A. Johnson
Category: Education Published: September 2004
"Under a Pell grant program . . . A low-income student who might be particularly gifted in computers could take computer science courses at a local junior college--an option he or she would not enjoy in most AP programs."
Picking the Right College Courses Jeremy S. Hyman , Lynn F. Jacobs
Category: Education Published: July 2016
"Going from high school or the professional realm to college can be a steep learning curve with ltos of adjustments, so it is a good idea to leave yourself some margins on time and energy while you get into the swing of things."
Politicizing American Universities J. Peter Euben
Category: Education Published: May 2002
Especially with the Culture War, controversy keeps issues of political & politicizing education alive, prevents triumph of political correctness, & makes debate over promise of Amer. nationhood & contributions of Western civilization subject of disagreemt
Politics Matter Heather Arabadjis
Category: Education Published: July 2017
"Because parents already have been educating their children about politics, it perhaps is more important than ever to keep them informed and engaged in the political process."
Preparing for the New School Year: Success Begins at Home Christine C. Kim
Category: Education Published: July 2009
". . . Decisionmakers seeking effective education reform should consider policies that strengthen family structure in the U.S. and bolster parental involvement and choice in education."
Preparing Students and Schools for a Radically Different Future Gary Marx
Category: Education Published: March 2002
Ten trends will help determine education's role in the 21st century.
Public Schooling's Divisive Effect Neal McCluskey
Category: Education Published: September 2007
". . .It has been the nation's commitment to limited government and individual liberty--not public schools' ability to indoctrinate children into some civic religion, or to mold them into 'proper' Americans--that has been the key to U.S. success."
Public Schools' Elusive "Nice Values" Neal McClusky
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"…Why [is it] so hard to public schools to inculcate values? Short answer: we just do not agree on them, and a lot of people fear what their kids might be taught."
Putting Peer Pressure in its Place Allie Nicodemo
Category: Education Published: September 2017
The program Keepin' It REAL--an acronym for "refuse, explain, avoid, leave"--helps kids stay out of trouble.
Reauthorization of NCLB: Federal Management or Citizen Ownership of K-12 Education? Eugene Hickok , Matthew Ladner
Category: Education Published: November 2007
Although fashioned with noble intentions, the No Child Left Behind Act created a powerful perverse incentive for states to lower their academic standards, and that pressure will grow stronger w/ each passing year unless Congress makes substantial changes.
Relying on--or Recoiling from--Reproductive Enhancement Philippa Levine
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"There are some who think that a world without flaws not only is desirable, but that parents bear a responsibility to improve human sock using our current technology…"
Rethinking Education for Changing Times Randy Ramos
Category: Education Published: September 2020
"The education system that gets the best results for everyone likely will feature a much greater emphasis on middle and high school career training and a hybrid approach to in-person classroom and distance learning."
Retirees: The "New Kids" on Campus Joyce DiGirolamo
Category: Education Published: July 2003
"With education focusing on experiential learning opportunities, colleges are realizing the importance of bridging the gap between traditional-aged students and senior citizens."
SAT 2005 Quandary: Natural Smarts vs. Classroom Learning Lisa Muehle , Lauren Meggison , Michelle Ha
Category: Education Published: March 2005
"Whereas innate ability or intelligence alone could conquer the former aptitude-based SAT, the new exam will require the application of knowledge learned and remembered."
School Break Reading Sharpens Skills
News View Category: Education Published: August 2006
School Choice: A Progress Report Dan Lips , Evan Feinberg
Category: Education Published: January 2007
"This year, an estimated 150,000 students will participate in publicly funded tuition scholarship programs across the U.S. In all, over 1,000,000 students are attending more than 3,600 charter schools."
School Morning Madness Ivana Cortes
Category: Education Published: September 2015
"From spilled milk to argumentative siblings to lost homework to road construction, there is so much that can make you crazy before 8 a.m. rolls around."
School-to-Work Education Shortchanges Academic Knowledge Virginia Miller
Category: Education Published: July 2001
". . . Businesses will soon discover that high school graduates who walk through their doors tomorrow are no better prepared in reading, writing, and math than they are today."
School: What Is It Good for? Cevin Soling
Category: Education Published: May 2015
"The impact of schooling can be seen in the deficiencies of the general public."
Science and Religion Are a Good Mix
News View Category: Education Published: December 2011
Science Disciplines Need Overhaul
World of Science Category: Education Published: June 2013
Small Schools Are Rated Better
News View Category: Education Published: December 2002
Smaller Schools Boost Results Districtwide
News View Category: Education Reform Published: August 2015
Standardization: How to Weather the Coming Storm David L. Braswell
Category: Education Published: November 2002
"The existing system is broken and seriously disconnected. Its processes do not ensure the results we expect or want."
Student Rewards Often Ineffective
News View Category: Education Published: December 2009
Student Self-Testing Earns High Marks
News View Category: Education Published: April 2010
Students Pigeonholed Based on Race
News View Category: Education Published: August 2017
Students Prefer Regular Teacher Over Outsiders
Your Health Category: Sex Education Published: October 2008
Sustainable Education Has Its Roots in Change Kweku Larbi
Category: Education Published: January 2021
"A cultural shift in the way education is viewed in developing countries is creating a movement that is taking a focused and critical look at what the problem is and then identifying solutions. . . ."
Tangled Up in Ivy Lindy Schneider
Category: Education Published: September 2018
Attending an Ivy League school comes with bragging rights and promising career choices--but what if you don't get in?
Tax-Advantaged College Savings
News View Category: Education Published: April 2007
The "Economic Stimulus" Will (Further) Ruin Education--and the Economy Dan Lips
Category: Education Published: May 2009
"Instead of a massive Federal spending increase, Congress should have embraced fiscally responsible solutions to help states meet financial challenges and improve educational services."
The Afforability Factor Adrian Ridner
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"…With a rising population of nontraditional students and a growing list of ways higher ed is not working, what can a student do to get the college education he or she deserves without drowning in debt?"
The Changing Face of American Education Wilson G. Bradshaw
Category: Education Published: September 2002
"Although progress has been made, the U.S. needs more people of color at every level of its educational systems to serve and reflect urban populations faithfully."
The Choice Should Be Yours Neal McCluskey
Category: Education Published: September 2021
". . . Education analysts and commentators long have ignored the distinct possibility that public schooling spurs constant conflict, and the corollary, that choice would foster peace in education."
The Common Core Conundrum Heather Arabadjis
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"The short-term decisions we make for our children can have long-term effects…[By] preparing your children to take demanding, challenging tests at a young age, you are providing them with the experience they will need in the future."
The Future of School Choice Lawrence W. Reed , Joseph P. Overton
Category: Education Published: January 2003
". . . Full educational choice implies the freedom of parents to pick the best and safest schools--public or private. Those who place a high priority on education for their children would be empowered or incentivized, not penalized."
The Heat Is On Mary DeMocker
Category: Education Published: September 2018
"How do we discuss the reality and causes of--as well as the solutions to--global warming?"
The Joy of Abstaining Christine Kim , Robert E. Rector
Category: Education Published: March 2009
If government would "pledge its support to abstinence programs instead of free-condoms-for-students initiatives, the teen pregnancy rate might have a chance to take a real plunge."
The K-12 Establishment Is Putting America's Industrial Leadership at Risk Robert J. Herbold
Category: Education Published: March 2006
We need the K-12 teaching community to "take responsibility for the poor results they are achieving . . . Increase the number of instructors qualified to teach math and science . . . And stop promoting unprepared students to the next grade level."
The Missing Link to College Costs Justin Duncombe
Category: Education Published: September 2021
"The reality for most families is the cost of education has less to do with the price and more to do with the ability to pay."
The New Classroom Dolores Greenawalt
Category: Education Published: March 2018
"While many instructors learned to research in a library, or at a computer connected to the Internet, today's students rarely remember a time when they did not have WiFi."
The Nobility of Teaching Caroline Alexander Lewis
Category: Education Published: September 2015
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
The Role of the School Board George A. Goens
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"There is a significant difference between opinion and knowledge, and information and understanding. Knowledge and understanding are prerequisites for responsible decision-making."
Time to Get Serious Robert R. Neuman
Category: Education Published: November 2015
"Beign a 'serious' student does not mean you lose the fun in your life or become a different person. Serious means dynamic…"
Tips for Successful College Visits
News View Category: Education Published: April 2012
Toddlers Learn Early and Often Lori Barrett
Category: Education Published: May 2010
"While you may never be too old to learn, it likewise is true that you are never too young, either."
True Grit Can Help Students Thrive
News View Category: Educational Text Published: August 2016
Turing Bullies Into Buddies Izzy Kalman
Category: Education Published: November 2006
"If you are waiting for the schools to make other kids stop bullying your child, your son or daughter may stay a victim for a very long time."
U.S. Grad Students Beginning to Lag
News View Category: Education Published: August 2010
Union Monopoly Is Bad for Teachers Myron Lieberman
Category: Education Published: March 2003
"Opening teacher represenation to competition would enable independent teacher organizations to maintain their emphasis on professionalism while turning the representation issue to their advantage."
Using the Internet to Help College Students with Career Planning James F. Malone , Randy M. Miller , Kim Hargraves
Category: Education Published: November 2001
"Distance career counseling is receiving approving nods from national experts within the professional career development community as well as students and career services professinals around the country."
Vouching for a Better Education Paul E. Peterson
Category: Education Published: November 2019
Democrats are divided over school choice as the Trump Administration gains traction concerning school vouchers and tax-credit scholarships.
Waking Up College Admissions Gabrielle Glancy
Category: Education Published: September 2016
"A personnal essay?--most students never even have seen one, let alone been taught how to write one. In fact, most do not know what a personal essay is."
What Has Happened to Our Citizens-in-Training? Bill Coplin
Category: Education Published: March 2010
Students aren't connected to the larger purposes & aspirations of Amer democracy; voter turnout is low; feelings that political participation will not make a difference are high; there is a profound sense of cynicism & lack of trust in political process.
What to Do About Junior Brent M. Wilsey
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"…You must have a full understanding of your financial situation" before sending your child off to college.
Where Children Learn How to Learn Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: January 2021
"In Japan, kata is used for kindergarten kids--even preschoolers--and it begins on their very first day at school."
Where Do Teachers Stand in the Eyes of the Public? Martin R. West
Category: Education Published: January 2019
People feel teachers should be paid more, among other things.
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad "Math" Wolf?
News View Category: Education Published: April 2014
Why the Left Curses Cursive Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Education Published: September 2017
The failure to teach cursive to schoolchildren denies generations of youth the opportunity to appreciate an expressive form that is in every Anglo-American historical document before the age of the typewriter.
Why Women Drop Out of Engineering Programs
News View Category: Higher Education Published: August 2003
Will Schools Ever Be Free from the Chains of State Control? Marie Gryphon , Emily A. Meyer
Category: Education Published: March 2004
"If parents are empowered with options and schools are equipped with autonomy, the day may come when all families can enjoy the benefits of educational freedom."