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A 19th-Century Rivalry for the Ages Wayne M. Barrett
Category: Focus Published: March 2019
"…That iconic moment when Bobby Thomson's bottom-of-the-ninth, three-run homer gave the [New York] Giants the [1951 National League] pennant and…the Polo Grounds [was] in absolute bedlam…[Jackie Robinson] was making sure [Thomson]…touched all four bases."
A Breed Apart Susan Bulanda
Category: Focus on Pets Published: January 2014
"Never forget that your puppy is a commitment for the next 10 to 18 years. It can be delightful or a disaster, depending on you and how thoroughly you have done your homework."
A Glorious Harvest Peter Barberie
Category: Focus on the World Published: September 2004
"Many of the photographs in the exhibition reflect [Michael] Hoffman's interests and his passionate convictions about photography, both as an art form and journalistic tool."
A Photographer's Life
News View Category: Focus Published: December 2007
A Walk-Through with Ansel Adams
Category: Focus Published: January 2008
This exhibition offers "new insight into one of the few photographers in the history of the medium whose name and images enjoy worldwide recognition."
A Well-Placed Family
Category: Focus on Politics Published: March 2015
"[Richard Avedon] was well-known for challenging conventions and exploring the boundaries between high art and social commentary."
A World View from Behind the Camera
News View Category: Focus on the World Published: April 2006
Aerial Photographs of the American West: Photographs by John Shelton
News View Category: Focus Published: August 2008
Alfred Stieglitz: Known and Unknown Works
Category: Focus on America Published: November 2002
". . . He sought to make photographs that were the pictorial equivalents of emotional responses, similar to music."
America in the 1960s
Category: Focus Published: May 2008
"This exhibition exemplifies [photojournalist Larry] Schiller's reputation for being 'at the right place at the right time' whenever headline-making news events occurred."
American Myth and Memory
Category: Focus Published: September 2019
"Like the plastic figurines that he photographs, [David] Levinthal's art points to deeplt rooted societal ideals and assumptions. They invite us to consider the way values and events of the past…inform who we are and how we behave in the present."
An Eye for Beauty: The Elton John Collection Jane Jackson
Category: Focus on America Published: January 2001
The exhibition at Atlanta's High Museum "is about the sincere passion of a collector and his desire not only to live with his collection, but to share his love of these images with his friends and the public."
Annie Get Your Camera
Category: Focus on Photography Published: March 2007
"Few contemporary photographers can rival Annie Leibovitz in terms of sheer popularity and immediate familiarity. Her imagery compels deeper attention to the critical dimensions of photojournalism and has earned her the respect of her subjects and peers."
Annie on Annie Annie Leibovitz
Category: Focus on Photography Published: March 2007
"Rosanne Cash had given me a copy of her CD, 'Black Cadillac,' which she wrote after her parents and stepmother died. I would go into the barn every morning and put it on very loud and cry for 10 minutes and then start working, editing the pictures. . ."
Ansel Adams at 100
Category: Focus on America Published: May 2002
"His photographs transcend the simple description of objects and landscape; they depict transient aspects of light, atmosphere, and natural phenomena."
Artists in Their Studios
Category: Focus Published: March 2009
"The exhibition explores how studio spaces reflect--or, in some cases, belie--the personalities and aesthetic sensibilities of the individuals who inhabit them."
Backstage Pass Denenberg
Category: Focus on Music Published: January 2009
"Rock 'n' Roll provided the soundtrack to American culture in the latter half of the 20th century, while the relationship between rock 'n' roll and the camera is intimate and profound."
Baseball's "Exhibit A" in Courage
Category: Focus Published: March 2019
"Though [Jackie] Robinson encountered withering racism during his career, [these] photographs reveal a hard-fought sense of comity, joy, and self-assurance from a man whose contributions extended far beyond the field."
Bruce Is Still the Boss
Category: Focus on Music Published: May 2012
I just didn't fit. I was running through a maze. Rock and roll was never a hobby. It was a reason to live. It was the only one I had.
Celebrating Three Giants of Photography
Category: Focus Published: January 2011
"On view are a number of great treasures, including Alfred Stieglitz's famous portraits of Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Steichen's striking images of the Flatiron building, and Paul Strand's pioneering abstractions."
Chim Is Him: Discovering David Szymin Robert Flynn Johnson
Category: Focus Published: January 2008
"[He] had the intelligence of a chess player; with the air of a math teacher, he applied his profession. . . . Chim picked up his camera the way a doctor takes his stethoscope out of his bag, applying his diagnosis to the condition of the heart."
Death's Indelible Impression
Category: Focus on America Published: July 2004
"Sally Mann: What Remains" -- ". . . At the base of a hickory tree was a glistening pool of dark blood. I was tempted to touch its perfectly tensioned surface. Instead, as I stared, it shrank perceptively . . . As if the Earth had taken a delicate sip."
Deromanticizing the West: The Portraits of Richard Avedon
News View Category: Focus on America Published: December 2005
Diane Arbus Would Not Be Boxed In
Category: Focus Published: May 2018
"American audiences had never before been presented with such a singular vision in a photographer. When they were, they embraced it eagerly if not uncritically, and the cultural landscape was transformed by their embrace."
Diane Arbus' Revelations of Life
Category: Focus on America Published: January 2004
Her "gift for rendering strange those things we consider most familiar continues to challenge our assumptions about the nature of everyday life and compels us to look at the world in a new way."
Down These Mean Streets
Category: Focus Published: July 2017
"Rather than simply document blight, the photographers gathered here draw out the stories embedded in the physical environmetn in transformative ways."
Dreaming in Black & White
Category: Focus on Photography Published: September 2006
"A list of artists to whom [Julien] Levy gave their first . . . Exhibitions illustrates what a remarkable eye and mind he had, and this exhibition is a tribute to his legacy."
Edward Weston: Pictorialist Pioneer
Category: Focus on America Published: September 2003
The photographer "previsualized in the ground glass of his camera a new ideal in the form of the absolute real."
Edward Weston: The Last Years David Travis
Category: Focus on America Published: September 2001
". . . As he developed his art beyond technical virtuosity, Weston created photographs that could hold more-profound meaninggs, and thus a greater variety of interpretations."
European Photography Between the Wars
Category: Focus Published: September 2007
"In [Central Europe], photography inspired the imagination of hundreds of progressive artists, provided a creative outlet for thousands of dedicated amateurs, and became a symbol of modernity through its use in magazines, newspapers, advertising & books."
Exile in a Strange Country: The Photography of John Gutmann Iain Ross
Category: Focus on America Published: May 2001
"Gutmann observed the life of [San Francisco] with the detachment of an anthropologist examining an exotic culture."
Fervently Fixed in Stone
Category: Focus on Art Published: March 2014
Jean=Baptiste Carpeaux was an exceptionally gifted, deeply tormented sculptor who imbued his work with strong movement and visceral drive. He strove for anatomical realism in all media, but especially in his marble sculptures and busts.
Freedom: Norman Rockwell's Vermont Years
News View Category: Focus on America Published: August 2003
Frogs: A Chorus of Colors
Category: Focus on Nature Published: November 2004
This is "a fascinating and fun exhibition that explores the incredible diversity of this important group of amphibians which has been roaming the Earth for more than 200,000,000 years, at least as long as the dinosaurs."
Historic Photos Freeze-Frame the Development of Long Island Joe Czachowski
Category: Focus Published: September 2009
A key battleground during the Revolution and a vital military weapons supplier during World War II, Long Island is well-known for its beautiful beachers and sprawling suburgs.
In Celebration of Light
News View Category: Focus on America Published: August 2004
Inspired by the Pleasure, Danger, and Allure of the Night
News View Category: Focus Published: August 2011
It's Off to the Races Douglas McCulloh
Category: Focus on America Published: September 2005
"Faster: The Pomona Drags" examines a remarkable head-on confrontation between two technologies that have shaped the Southern California psyche--cars and cameras."
Leonard Bernstein: The Power of Music Ivy Weingram
Category: Focus Published: March 2018
What did it mean for a man who proudly wore many badges of American identity--a New England upbringing, a Harvard degree, classical music, and Broadway bona fides--to have his loyalty to the U.S. called into question?
Lighting Up the Night Gary Zuercher
Category: Focus Published: January 2016
The Glow of Paris captures all 35 of the French capital's bridges in striking black-and-white photographs.
Looking Beyond Traditional Landscapes
News View Category: Focus Published: August 2010
Looking In 50 Years Later
Category: Focus Published: November 2009
This Robert Frank exhibition ultimately creates a haunting picture of mid-century America, where power, vastness, and, at times, troubling emptiness mark the nation.
Lord of the Rings
Category: Focus on Outer Space Published: November 2008
Striking images from space portray Saturn and its moons as they never have been seen before.
Mary Ellen Goes to the Prom
News View Category: Focus Published: August 2012
Never-Before-Seen Early Arbus
Category: Focus Published: September 2016
"The photographs from [Diane Arbus'] early career reveal that the slaient characteristics of her work--its centrality, boldness, and apparent artlessness--were present in her pictures since the very beginning."
New Orleans After the Flood
Category: Focus on America Published: November 2006
"In the city that itself resembles a lost civilization, wrecked rooms, caved-in houses, and ravaged neighborhoods become metaphors for the fragility of human life."
Oil's Slippery Slope
Category: Focus Published: January 2010
"These images tell an epic story of mankind expressed through our discovery, exploitation, and celebration of this vital natural resource."
One Life: Ronald Reagan
Category: Focus Published: September 2011
"Reagan's warm manner and cheerful smile were hallmarks of a personality that fascinated Americans, but it was his steadfastness to the ideas of a limited government and a free-market economy that won him votes."
Photography of the Paranormal
Category: Focus on the Occult Published: November 2005
". . . From the 1860s through World War II . . . occult and paranormal phenomena were a hot topic of debate and both supporters and skeptics summoned photographs as evidence."
Portraits by Richard Avedon
Category: Focus on America Published: November 2002
"The people in his photographs seem posed to walk right out of their frames, immediately recognizable and wholly alive, down to the most-telling detail."
Portraits of Power
Category: Focus Published: May 2010
This exhibition "chronicles the intersection of two American icons at a formative time in history."
Pres. Photogenic
Category: Focus Published: May 2017
"No single politician was photographed more than [John F.] Kennedy--from his first congressional bid as a decorated war hero in 1946; fairytale marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953; run for the White House in 1960 …"
Provocative Images from the "Pain of War"
News View Category: Focus on the World Published: December 2004
Raw Nerve! The Political Art of Steve Brodner
Category: Focus on Politics Published: September 2008
"[These] drawings . . . reflect his unique blend of wit and acerbic, laser-like vision of American society, politics, and contemporary leaders.
Remarkable Rats Lawrence R. Heaney
Category: Focus on Nature Published: January 2005
". . . Most [of these Filipino rodents] look nothing like anyone's typical image of a rat. They range from large, furry, long-tailed leaf-eaters to tiny, mouse-like creatures that feed on soft-bodied soil invertebrates."
Remote Cultures, Indigenous Wisdom Sej Saraiya
Category: Focus Published: May 2022
"We must work toward preserving their wisdom, intelligence, innovation, and creativity if we want to preserve the beautiful diversity of our world."
Signs: Wordplay in Photography
News View Category: Focus Published: April 2009
Skies Alive
Category: Focus on Nature Published: July 2009
". . . The exhibit will open up people's eyes to the beauty of birds and the enjoyment of bird-watching as a hobby, as well as heighten concern for the environment."
The "Grand Illusion" of Theatrical Design
Category: Focus on Theater Published: July 2015
"[This exhibition] shows how designers create their magic, with a behind-the-scenes look at stage productions, from the Baroque courts of Europe to the Broadway venues of the U.S."
The Archive of Bob Adelman
Category: Focus Published: November 2017
"My life's work, in addition to being about race relations, is about the many and diverse social concerns in the great tradition of American documentary photography; poverty, mental illness, alcoholism, inadequate housing, the immigrant experience, etc."
The Auchwitz Album: Story of a Death Factory
Category: Focus on the Holocaust Published: March 2006
Hitler's "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" sent millions to extermination in this installation's gas chambers and crematoriums.
The Beauty of Uniqueness
Category: Focus Published: September 2021
"Every life is one of a kind, never to be repeated."
The Implicit Tensions of Robert Mapplethorpe
Category: Focus Published: July 2019
"…The artist's creative vision drew upon opposing forces: his work could be at once restrained in its adherance to traditional forms and radical in its eroticism."
The Kid with the Camera Eye
Category: Focus Published: March 2010
"Photography brought all of the essential elements of Rockwell's art completely under his direct control. For an artist with a 'camera eye,' narrative genius, and commitment to painstaking perfectionism, no better tool can be imagined."
The Master of 3-D Pop Art
Category: Focus on Pop Art Published: July 2006
George Bush, Bill Clinton, Julia Roberts, and Bill Gates are among the scores of prominent patrns of the arts who have original Fazzino works--renowned for their vibrant colors, exceptional detail, and frenetic energy--in their private collections.
The Mighty World of Roger Fenton
News View Category: Focus on Photography Published: August 2005
The Photography of Design
Category: Focus Published: March 2005
". . . The exhibition explores [Margaret Bourke-White's] formative years in which she developed her aesthetic vision and forged new territory in the field of photojournalism."
The Shock of Show and Tell
Category: Focus Published: May 2018
Images captured through the lens of Laura Aguilar reflect her struggles w/ depression, obesity, self-acceptance, prejudice, and misogyny. Challenged by auditory dyslexia, she struggled with words and used her camera to penetrate the underground LGBT world
The Voice of the Village
Category: Focus Published: September 2019
"A curoius, knowledgeable, and indefatigable visual chronicler, [photographer Fred W.] McDarrah…created an encyclopedic archive of culture and politics for The [Village] Voice."
The War Between the States Frozen in Time
Category: Focus on America Published: July 2013
A landmark exhibition considers the evolving role of photography during the Civil War.
The Way We Worked
Category: Focus Published: March 2012
"The images . . . often reveal . . . how social forces such as immigration, gender, ethnicity, class, and technology have transformed the workforce."
Tracking Relief Efforts Across the Globe
Your Health Category: Focus on the CDC Published: October 2010
Welcome Home: A Portrait of East Baltimore, 1975-80
Category: Focus Published: November 2021
The exhibition is an exploration of one resilient community as seen through the lens of three women photographers.
When Reality Bites Back
Category: Focus on Society Published: July 2012
For the committed, creative collector, photography is a vanguard medium that provices myriad possibilities to understand our lives through the power of images.
Where the Microscope and Photo Lens Meet
World of Science Category: Focus on Science Published: June 2015
Where the Ocean Meets the Rain Forest
World of Science Category: Focus on Ecology Published: June 2009
Wounded Cities
Category: Focus on Terrorism Published: January 2009
"My aim in the pictures [is] to evoke what it has been like to live in limbo into which the terror era has thrown us."