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Frogs: A Chorus of Colors
Category: Focus on Nature Published: November 2004
This is "a fascinating and fun exhibition that explores the incredible diversity of this important group of amphibians which has been roaming the Earth for more than 200,000,000 years, at least as long as the dinosaurs."
Remarkable Rats Lawrence R. Heaney
Category: Focus on Nature Published: January 2005
". . . Most [of these Filipino rodents] look nothing like anyone's typical image of a rat. They range from large, furry, long-tailed leaf-eaters to tiny, mouse-like creatures that feed on soft-bodied soil invertebrates."
Skies Alive
Category: Focus on Nature Published: July 2009
". . . The exhibit will open up people's eyes to the beauty of birds and the enjoyment of bird-watching as a hobby, as well as heighten concern for the environment."