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A Glorious Harvest Peter Barberie
Category: Focus on the World Published: September 2004
"Many of the photographs in the exhibition reflect [Michael] Hoffman's interests and his passionate convictions about photography, both as an art form and journalistic tool."
A World View from Behind the Camera
News View Category: Focus on the World Published: April 2006
Photography of the Paranormal
Category: Focus on the Occult Published: November 2005
". . . From the 1860s through World War II . . . occult and paranormal phenomena were a hot topic of debate and both supporters and skeptics summoned photographs as evidence."
Provocative Images from the "Pain of War"
News View Category: Focus on the World Published: December 2004
The "Grand Illusion" of Theatrical Design
Category: Focus on Theater Published: July 2015
"[This exhibition] shows how designers create their magic, with a behind-the-scenes look at stage productions, from the Baroque courts of Europe to the Broadway venues of the U.S."
The Auchwitz Album: Story of a Death Factory
Category: Focus on the Holocaust Published: March 2006
Hitler's "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" sent millions to extermination in this installation's gas chambers and crematoriums.
Tracking Relief Efforts Across the Globe
Your Health Category: Focus on the CDC Published: October 2010