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A Run on the Banks George Selgin
Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2021
"Before it can be explained how, and to what extent, FDR's gold policies contributed to the recovery [from the Great Depression], we must step back in time to consider the causes of the banking crisis, including the part gold played in it."
Assessing the Not-So-Great New Deal George Selgin
Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2020
"Many economists and economic historians . . . Maintain not that the New Deal was rotten through-and-through, but that big chunks of it were counterproductive, and that the damage done by these undid much of the good done by the rest."
FDR's Money Growth Dilema George Selgin
Category: Economics Published: May 2021
'. . . Actions by both the Fed and the Treasury resulted in a second severe monetary contradiction that would reverse many signs of the gains achieved over the course of the preceding four years [of the Great Depression]."
New Deal Spurs New Thinking George Selgin
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
The 'Roosevelt Recession,' as Republicans especially refer to it, was to alter FDR's policies in two ways. It marked the winding down of the New Deal and signaled the beginning of 'Keynesian' fiscal policy, first out of necessity, but then of belief,
What a Holiday! George Selgin
Category: USA Yesterday Published: November 2021
The nationwide banking holiday marked the turning point of the Great Depression. [The] recovery would not have been possible had the public not been convinced not only to quit withdrawing money from their banks, but to start putting it back in.